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Scholars. TCPI hires Jelo A. Pabular (extreme left), a scholar who just finished BS Electrical Engineering, and sends to college future civil engineers (from second from left) Aica D. Antecristo, Jienesa A. Canoy and Camila D. Satinitigan.

Taiheiyo adds 3 new college, 13 HS scholars

Scholars still study despite CoViD-19 pandemic restrictions

SAN FERNANDO, Cebu (January 25, 2021)No pandemic could stop Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) to send deserving scholars to school as it sponsored a new batch of 13 secondary and three collegiate scholars for school year 2020-2021.

The global threat of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the dreaded coronavirus disease of 2019 (CoViD-19) could also not stop the scholars from studying.

Meanwhile, the company hired Jelo A. Pabular of Barangay Tubod to join its Engineering Division effective Oct. 1 after the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) graduated him in March with a degree in BS Electrical Engineering.

Through innovative ways, the Department of Education introduced modular distance learning that TCPI supported with Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) by providing the two local districts with reams of bond papers to print the modules.

The new college scholars are Aica D. Antecristo, Jienesa A. Canoy and Camila D. Satinitigan who took up Bachelor of Science (BS) in Civil Engineering at Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U).

They were able to start in the second semester today due to delay in the processing of documents because of the pandemic yet online along with those ahead of them at CIT-U, while those at USJ-R started last Jan. 14.

“It means the world to me to receive this generous scholarship,” said Antecristo, who also topped her batch of senior high graduates.

She and Canoy, her batchmate since Grade 7, underscored the value of having acquired the educational support when CoViD-19 has troubled and disturbed the economy of Cebu and the whole world.

“You’ve inspired me to work harder and gave me the confidence to persevere,” Canoy said, pointing out that the pandemic cost her parents of their livelihood.

Satinitigan shared the scholarship grant came shortly before she lost her sister. “I made my ate so proud and happy for me before she died,” she said, pointing out that, as a dreamer, the grant “will be able to turn my dreams into reality.”


Unlike when the scholarship program started in 2005, TCPI held no ceremony to welcome the new scholars and supposedly congratulate those who completed their studies due to CoViD-19 community quarantine restrictions.

In a message, TCPI CEO and president Kazuhiko Ichizawa told the scholars to “always bear in mind that you are the treasure of your family, the hope of your barangay, the human asset of your country.”

“Study hard please, and you must inspire others by being role models. (We) stand close to help you achieve your academic goals. I am confident that you will do us proud,” he added.

Dr. Victor A. Ybañez, DepEd San Fernando district supervisor 1, praised TCPI for its “benevolent gesture of helping underprivileged and deserving students for them to succeed and find decent jobs.”

His counterpart, as district supervisor 2, Dr. Joel Umbay, also noted that the scholarship “helps and motivates (the scholars) to value, appreciate and make the most of their education.”

Also, in lieu of a program on stage, the company opted to send certificates of recognition and tokens to recognize the top performers last school year 2019-2020.

They include Antecristo of Panadtaran who finished with highest honors (98) at Badian National High School (NHS), and Canoy of Basak who earned high honors (96) at University of Cebu – Mambaling campus.

Catalina Lapuz-Omega NHS, formerly Greenshills NHS, also graduated Satinitigan with high honors (95) and recognized as first in rank that, in part, earned her the collegiate scholarship.

As she echoes the sentiments of the parents, Antecristo’s mother Lenyvyl described TCPI’s support for her daughter from Grade 7 through college as “a great opportunity like a miracle.”

Oct. 5

Following a screening process with stringent rules, TCPI selected the college scholars at large in San Fernando, while the secondary scholars continue to come from its 13 stakeholder barangays with SEDC.

They include: Basak – Shaira Mae C. Cantil, Bugho – Mary Grace C. Sandoy, Cabatbatan – Chrester G. Fuentes, Ilaya – Sheena Armia D. Arances, Panadtaran – Shena Ayesha Bontilao and Lindsay W. Tapales and South Poblacion – Alvin Thomas G. Berdon.

The others are: Tabionan – Verlain Emmie Lou B. Generalao and Yena Nicole B. Mabala, Tañañas – Rena Jane D. Canoy, Tinubdan – Mary Rose B. Pacquiao, Tonggo – Ericka Jane B. Omamalin, and Tubod – Gian Carlo L. Olaco.

They started schooling on Oct. 5 with modules provided by the NHS in Balud and Tubod, the integrated schools in Bugho, Cabatbatan, Tinubdan, Tabionan and Tonggo, San Fernando Math & Science HS, and Notre Dame Academy.

Then. They are the first three batches of scholars Taiheiyo have had since 2005 who undertook a Batang Lider Course on Oct. 27, 2007 by trainers from Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cebu-Mactan Channel.

Since 2005, TCPI with SEDC have had supported 226 scholars, 30 in college, several among the graduates like Pabular both firms hired after having shouldered their tuition, basic educational expenses and daily schooling needs.

Now in third year in BS Accountancy at USJ-R are Karla Tagimacruz Castillo of South Poblacion and Honey Kim Cañas Caño of Panadtaran, and Cristian Boy Vallespin Delposo of Sangat with BS Mechanical Engineering at CIT-U.

Also in their second year are Ma. Montessa C. Barnigo of Tonggo, BS Civil Engineering at CIT-U, Crystal Anne I. Bontilao of Panadtaran and Earl Christian P. Osabel of Bugho, both BS Accountancy at USJR.

SEDC college scholar Aison Tangente of Tubod also continues to study BS Mining Engineering in her third year also at CIT-U.

For the fourth year and with the 16th batch, TCPI and SEDC sponsored 13 new secondary scholars, while there are still 12 scholars in Grade 12 now, noted Vanessa N. Bongcawil, TCPI general affairs section head.


The class of 2020 SHS graduates include, from: Basak – Canoy, Bugho – Dave B. Baracao, Cabatbatan – Jeah Clarisse P. Catacutan, Ilaya – Mary Irene P. Segovia, Magsico – Lachsme P. Generalao and Panadtaran – Antecristo.

There are also from: South Poblacion – Sarah Mae G. Canoy and John Carlo E. Tubalado, Tabionan – Gerald D. Generalao, Tañañas – Gladize S. Embolode, Tinubdan – Jose Kenneth T. Alicaway, and Tonggo – Kane V. Omamalin.

Three of them also earned high honors: Generalao from Magsico NHS, Canoy (Sarah Mae) from Sangat NHS and Tubalado from Notre Dame Academy.

The top performers among the undergraduates include those in …

Grade 11: with high honors – Lanie B. Lazo, Denice May L. Abella, Imee C. Caño and Kristel Joy G. Pegarido; and honors – Angelyn C. Sandoy, Jude L. Villacote and Jhaya B. Genobaña.

Grade 10: high honors – Mary D. Barago and Janna Caryl A. Bayal; and honors – James Kobe C. Barnigo, Carl Vincent C. Catulong, Cindy A. Dedicatoria, Katrine Faith G. Erguero and VJ C. Salazar.

Grade 9: with honors – Adrian S. Aton, Kishia Chin L. Baring, Dinno Andrie P. Mariano, James P. Martinez, Giselle Mae T. Oclarit, Angela Mae L. Pamisa, Marivie M. Patanyag and Jose Marie P. Tabucal.

Grade 8: with high honors – Kimberly Jean B. Auman and Nathaniel P. Dimpas; and honors – Cristine Marie N. Genilla and Divine Grace M. Racoma.

Grade 7: with honors – Xerxes Gift A. Candilanza, Floramy Mendania, Miles C. Pongase and Mylyn M. Repiso.

Scholars. TCPI hires Jelo A. Pabular (extreme left), a scholar who just finished BS Electrical Engineering, and sends to college future civil engineers (from second from left) Aica D. Antecristo, Jienesa A. Canoy and Camila D. Satinitigan.