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Solid Earth plants 10k new trees

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BUGHO, San Fernando, Cebu (Dec. 15, 2020) No pandemic could stop a local mining operator from rehabilitating mined-out areas and enhancing neighboring lands over the past few weeks, planting some 10,000 seedlings that it is committed to ensure they grow into strong adult trees.

Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) employees planted them in three occasions at Sitio Sambulawan in this barangay of host San Fernando town last Sept. 26, Nov. 14 and earlier today, Dec. 15.

Employees of its suppliers, Triple 8 Resources Development Corp. and F.A. Manpower Agency, also helped plant fruit-bearing trees as Caimito, Macopa, Pomelo, Tamarind, Jackfruit, Mango, Kape (Coffee) and Tipolo.

SEDC director Motohiro Tonsho and fellow technical adviser Masatsune Takeyasu led the three delegations who also planted non-fruit-bearing trees as Acacia, Lanutan, Law-at, Narra and Malaruhat.

The seedlings used came from the SEDC nursery in Magsico, according to Engr. Joel A. Sombelon, mine environmental protection and enhancement officer.

Its personnel take care of the planted seedlings, pouring water when needed during dry days and placing barriers and support to make sure they grow healthy, he added.

SEDC stood by its commitment to stakeholders prior to 2020 to continue to plant trees beyond the basic requirement the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 requires mining companies to support programs for reforestation, among others.


Prior to the pandemic, residents, national and local government officials and employees, and parishioners of San Agustin de Hippo Parish and even elsewhere in Cebu province took part in planting activities.

Some were undertaken at the 7-hectare SEDC-St. Augustine EcoPilgrimage Park that used to be a quarry for clay where 10,000 trees have been planted even three years ahead of its 2022 target to develop a pocket forest.

Here, SEDC built a hillside chapel with an open hall and soon a multi-purpose building for religious and other activities, as recollection, prayer rallies, workshops and picnics, bared Sombelon,.

SEDC is also committed to develop with the Municipality of San Fernando a similar public eco-park just across the barangay road.

Previous quarries since 1992 in Sitio Dubdub have now become pocket forests with trees now standing more than 80 feet tall.

SEDC supplies minerals as clay, silica and limestone for cement manufacturing to Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI), makers of the Grand Cement brand for Portland, pozzolan, premium and masonry.

The delegation on Sept. 26, 2020.