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Medical mission serves 3 hinterland barangays

SAN FERNANDO, Cebu (Nov. 6, 2017)Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) sent back three separate medical missions to the hinterlands of this town over the past six months until recently.

With the support of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI), it mobilized resources and volunteers to serve a total of 1,958 residents who hardly have access to medical attention.

SEDC director and chief technical adviser Hiroyuki Sakakibara personally oversaw the three missions in Barangay Ilaya on July 29, then in Barangay Tañañas by Aug. 26, and in Barangay Cabatbatan last Saturday, Nov. 4.

The mission recorded similar cases in the three barangays, including common cough and colds, stomachache, arthritis, body malaise, diabetes, headache, fever, urinary tract infection, and upper respiratory tract infection.

But it further noted cases of skin allergies, anemia, hyperacidity and hypertension in Cabatbatan from 249 adults and 205 children, according to Mitzie Almira I. Carin, SEDC division manager for human resources and administration.

SEDC port operations technical adviser Masahiro Tate supported the Ilaya mission that served 214 adults and 273 children, as the Tañañas leg attended to 199 adults and 270 children, Carin disclosed.

Overall, the three missions tackled 410 separate optical cases with each patient given free spectacles, while dentist Phil Raymond Oacan extracted decayed teeth from 138 patients with the help of dentist Pearl Angeli Cabauatan in Ilaya and Cabatbatan, she added.

Medical mission. Dentist Pearl Angeli Cabauatan examines the teeth of a lass in Cabatbatan, as a senior citizen in Tañañas tries the spectacles that would fit his reading view.

24,137 patients

“Daghan jud namo diri sa Tañañas ang mapasalamaton. Ang akong bana driver sa multicab ug ang kita halos kuwangon ra para sa among pamilya,” expressed Felisa Genelazo, 47, also a mother of six who received needed vitamin supplements.

(Many of us in Tañañas are thankful. My husband is just a multicab driver and his earnings are not enough for our family.)

Cabatbatan widow Tening Abapo got pleased that her malnourished grandson Christopher, 8, now have the needed supplement and medicines for his recurring common cough and colds.

“Igo ra gyud unta mi sa mga dahon-dahon o’ herbal alang sa akong apo. Igo ra intawn ta sa pagtinda-tinda,” Apabo said, adding “nanghinaot mi sa kalamboan sa kompanya para makatabang pa sa ubang kabos nga nanginahanglan.”

(We could just but resort to medicinal leaves for my grandson. We could just but sell a few goods and vegetables. We hope the company will be more progressive so it could help more of those in need.)

The series of medical missions since 2005 have to date served 24,137 patients.

The beneficiaries of the three barangays managed to consult physicians Normacita Infantado, Debra Catulong and Easter Lette Estella about their health issues, along with Dr. Galileo Velasquez who joined the Tañañas and Cabatbatan missions.

In Ilaya, a doctor attends to a child with his mother, while a dentist examines the teeth of a teenager.

24,137 patients

TCPI senior vice president (SVP) for operations Kazuhiko Ichizawa joined the volunteer employees in Ilaya with SVP for marketing Takashi Miyashita, who also joined the Tañañas mission with his wife Yasuko and daughter Masako, 16.

Ilaya officials led by barangay captain Cecilia P. Cañalita supported the July 29 mission with councilors Jhoan Brady, Anita Segovia, Marlou Sasam and Cristito Delima along with the barangay health workers.

So did barangay captain Casiano T. Canoy during the Aug. 26 Tañañas mission with councilor Nicolas Paradero and barangay secretary Sheila Canoy.

Cabatbatan officials came in full force during the Nov. 4 mission with barangay captain Tomas Baclaan and councilors Francisco Esguero, Felix Benigra, Julio Esguero, Natividad Genilla, Marvin Genilla and Dionesio Baclaan.

Village chief Baclaan took the SEDC mission as “great blessings” that benefitted 643 residents, as he expressed hope the company would continue providing Cabatbatan with social development programs.

In the same breath, Canoy of Tañañas underscored that SEDC and TCPI are exceptional companies that are conscious in ameliorating the lives of those in need. “(Kami) nanghinaot nga buligan ug molambo pa ang inyong kompanya sa mga umaabot pang mga panahon,” he said.

(We hope your companies continue to be blessed towards the future.)

His constituent Lucena Alia, 48, mother of six, is thankful for the medicines she and her children got. “Construction worker ra gayud akong bana, maong usahay dili nalang kami makagahin sa pagpalit og tambal tungod sa kawad-on ug mahal napod kaayo ang presyo karon sa mga tambal ug labaw na ang pagpakonsulta.”

(My husband is just a construction worker. Sometimes we don’t have enough to buy medicines that have become more expensive, not to mention consulting a doctor.)

A Cabatbatan health worker attends to a elderly patient, while volunteer TCPI and SEDC employees dispense medicines the physicians prescribed for the patients.