Medical mission serves 545 in San Fernando upland village

Tonggo Medical Mission

A medical mission returned to the uplands of Tonggo in San Fernando town after two years and served 545 residents, the fourth time since 2006 that Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) organized it there.

Barangay captain Virgilio Siarot convinced residents to avail of service and free medicines that had the support of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) at Tonggo Elementary School last April 1.

The doctors attended to 186 adults who had a total of 461 different ailments, and 223 children with 583 different health problems, disclosed Mitzie Almira I. Carin, SEDC division manager for human resources and administration.

There were 100 other adults who had eye refraction problems and were given spectacles, and still 36 others whose bad teeth needed extraction, she added.

The adults had issues with hypertension, myalgia (body pains), arthritis, common cough and colds, and gastric hyperacidity, according to TCPI’s physician Dr. Ildebrando Estella.

The children had common cough and colds and dental carries, he added.

Physicians Easter Estella, Normacita Infantado, Galileo Velasquez, Armindo M. Ceniza, Jr. and Jake P. Seno helped attend to the patients, with dentists Pearl Angeli Cabauatan and Phil Raymond Oacan.

SEDC director Hiroyoki Sakakibara and technical adviser Masahiro Tate oversaw the medical mission with the support of TCPI senior vice president and plant manager Kazuhiko Ichizawa.

Four Tonggo councilors – Felix Siarot, Felix Suico, Manuel Genargue and Rosa Sarol – joined their barangay captain, secretary Aida Villariasa and barangay health workers in facilitating a seamless activity.

Then jointly undertaken by SEDC and TCPI, the medical mission first attended to 446 patients in June 2006, then 800 in November 2011, and 479 in March 2015.

The series of medical missions in San Fernando have to date served 22,724 patients.