Taiheiyo medical mission serves 874 in Panadtaran

Panadtaran Medical Mission

Some 874 residents of Panadtaran in San Fernando town received medical attention when Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) sent back its medical mission after three years, the fourth time since 2006.

Barangay captain Ricardo Reluya helped gather residents to avail of service and free medicines from SEDC with the support of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. at the community gym recently.

The 24 barangay health workers who have been attending the quarterly health seminars TCPI conducted last year prelisted the patients that served as a survey, and in receiving more onsite.

The doctors attended to 388 adults and 486 children, with 206 of them optical cases and 72 dental, according to Mitzie Almira I. Carin, SEDC division manager for human resources and administration.

The adults had issues with hypertension, muscle pains, arthritis, common cough and colds, hyperacidity, urinary problems and skin rashes as scabies , disclosed TCPI's physician Dr. Ildebrando Estella.

The children had recurring fever, malnutrition that needed supplementation, also common cough and colds and skin diseases, and dental carries, he added.

Dr. Estella's wife Easter and Drs. Debra Capulong, Normacita Infantado and Galileo Velasquez helped attend to the patients, with retained dentist Dr. Pearl Angeli Cabauatan and volunteer dentists Phil Raymond Oacan and Liza Mae Canada.

SEDC director Hiroyoki Sakakibara with TCPI senior vice president Takashi Miyashita led the employees who helped ensure the activity was organized and seamless with barangay staff and volunteer teachers.

Capt. Reluya, husband of San Fernando Mayor Neneth G. Reluya, thanked SEDC and TCPI for the mission that previously attended to 989 residents in November 2006, 1,115 in September 2011 and 1,044 in April 2014.

The series of medical missions of SEDC and TCPI have to date served 22,179 patients, equivalent to one-thirds of the population of San Fernando based on the 2015 census at 66,280.