Taiheiyo now sends 12 to college, sees 4th high-school batch graduate


Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. now sends a dozen scholars to college and continues to subsidize 48 scholars in high school after seeing a fourth batch of 12 high school scholars graduate recently, most of them again earning honors. 

The Japanese firm honored the graduates last June 16, along with the undergraduates who completed the school year ending 2012 with honors and other outstanding achievements, at the Taiheiyo Multi-Purpose Recreation Center in San Fernando, Cebu. 

With its materials supplier Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC), the company also introduced the three new freshmen scholars for college and 12 for high school before San Fernando Vice Mayor Miguel Antonio Canoy, partner barangay captains and schools heads. 

Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) president Alfonso Donaire IV, also barangay captain of North Poblacion, led the village chieftains and their representative councilors who stood with the scholars and their parents in receiving the grant for new scholars and awards for the current ones. 

Department of Education (DepEd) San Fernando district supervisor Necito Gador also led the principals and head teachers during the ceremonies, along with Sr. Ana Maria M. Rusiana, OND of Notre Dame Academy. 


Better Lives

In his message,TCPI President and CEO Satoshi Asami encouraged the scholars and their parents to rise up to the challenge of building better lives. 

“We have witnessed the fulfillment of our objectives as we see many of our high school scholars having graduated, and as many more are accepted, into this significant educational program,” noted Asami.

“The power of education should be harnessed, not just for its economic value, but also because of its strategic role in nation-building. It is a passport to a bright future. By transforming the present, we help create the future, and a good future, for that matter,” he added.

As the ceremonies opened, outgoing SEDC director Takashi Sugiyama described the scholarship program as “one in a million opportunity that each and every scholar has to value, look upon and be thankful.”

“Being less fortunate should not be a hindrance to success. Rather, it should serve as a challenge to achieve what we aimed for,” he pointed out. 

In his closing message, TCPI senior vice president and plant manager Katsuo Ono underscored the need not to take this scholarship opportunity for granted. 

“Let us continue to work hand-in-hand, for the future of our youth and for the progress of our communities, to help build a better nation, and to contribute in making our world progressive,” he said. 

Vice Mayor “Mikko” Canoy cited TCPI and SEDC for contributing more than paying taxes and providing employment, but also in addressing the social development of the municipality by being instruments for a better future for its residents.


Better Future

The joint TCPI-SEDC secondary scholarship program began in 2005, and started its tertiary scholarship by 2009. While the college scholars are chosen at large, the 12 high school scholars per batch represent the 12 barangays where TCPI and SEDC operate in San Fernando. 

Their tuition, basic educational expenses and daily needs are supported by both companies' scholarship program, disclosed Emylita Ortega, SEDC senior manager for administration and human resources who manages the scholarship program.

In accepting the challenge on behalf of all the 60 scholars, new college scholar Christy C. Paypa declared they will strive hard to make their dreams a reality, and never to fear failure. 

“Like food, life needs spices to fill it with aroma,” she said, adding: “Like in a game, we will overcome obstacles to win, yet with fun.”

Ms. Asuncion S. Embolode, mother of both a college scholar and another in high school and speaking for the parents, expressed gratitude for the support TCPI and SEDC have given their families.

“You are the instruments to the success of our children. Words are not enough to express how thankful we are for sharing your blessings,” she said. 

“To the parents, let us continue to give our moral support to our children; and to all scholars, do your best and study well. Knowledge is treasure no one else can take away from you,” she added.