TAIHEIYO CEMENT PHILIPPINES, INC. (TCPI) is one of several  subsidiaries and wholly owned by Japan's biggest cement manufacturer, Taiheiyo Cement Corporation (TCC). TCC is the core company of huge international corporate groups and operates 17 cement plants in 6 countries.

"TAIHEIYO" is a Japanese word meaning "Pacific Ocean". Along with TCC's policy of active worldwide development, it envisions to be the leading cement manufacturer in the Pacific Rim.

TCC acquired the 100% share-holdings of the former Grand Cement Manufacturing Corporation (GCMC) in 2003. GCMC started construction of the plant in August 1991, leading to the start of commercial operation in the last quarter of 1993.

While undertaking pursuits for economic growth, one of TCPI's long-term commitments is to help build a better Philippines through its various efforts, such as:

  • Infrastructure  development  through  the  manufacture  and  supply  of  high  quality  cement products;
  • Adherence to environmental protection and enhancement policies; and
  • Active development and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.