APRIL 16, 2010
10 farmers get a goat each
 GOAT TO RAISE. Community development officers Rolando T. Manalop (R) and Efren T. Labrado (L)
turnover a female goat (doe) to a farmer beneficiary in Bugho, San Fernando.

They are beneficiaries of Taiheiyo, SEDC’s expanded goat dispersal program for San Fernando 
TEN more farmers in San Fernando have acquired a female goat (doe) each that Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) granted them under an expanded goat dispersal program.
TCPI first granted 10 farmers in Barangay Bugho a doe each in July 2009.
Similarly, each of the 10 additional farmers will only have to give TCPI back with two does that the company will use to propagate the goat raising and distribution program for its stakeholders in San Fernando.
All other goat offspring after will go to the farmers, according to Gines Boltron, community relations officer of Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC).
SEDC has collaborated with TCPI on the project.

Boltron said TCPI and its materials supplier SEDC are hopeful the program will progress over time in geometric proportions and benefit more farmers in the rest of San Fernando where both companies operate.
TCPI and SEDC community relations officers distributed seven does last month to the last seven farmers in the first batch of 20 in Bugho, the pilot area for the program.
Other than the 20 does, TCPI and SEDC also maintain four male goats (bucks) left in the care of four of the 20 initial beneficiaries.

The four bucks are maintained to mate with the 20 does to produce some offspring.