Taiheiyo hires own scholars

Three college scholars of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) graduated last March and have been assured of employment by their patron since high school.

They join six other scholars the company hired shortly after graduation over the past three years, according to Vanessa N. Bongcawil, who manages TCPI community relations.

Juana Manugas Panilagan finished Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering with cum laude honors at University of San Jose - Recoletos (USJ-R).

She will join the TCPI mechanical engineering department after reviewing for and taking the board exams in September this year.

Johanna Sacal got magna cum laude honors with her degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English, at USJ-R and has joined since May 16 the TCPI administration department as facilities and services staff.

Deniel Jireh Corpuz completed BS Mining Engineering at Cebu Institute of Technology University and will join TCPI minerals supplier Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) after his board exam that he just passed last Aug. 8.

As a staff engineer, he will be in-charge of a quarry to ensure its sustainable operations and subsequent rehabilitation.

Panilagan said her family lived in poverty but "this heart pumps with gratefulness to (TCPI with SEDC) for sustaining my educational needs."

"You have led me to new pursuits and geared me up to serve and help the community," she said.


Sacal said she had always wanted a worthwhile life despite being deprived of its luxuries but has had full of dreams, dedicating it to achieve her goals that bring out the best in her and others.

"Success is not a matter of intelligence; it is a matter of hard work and perseverance," she said, as he urged everyone to always "give back to people who helped you and express your heartfelt gratitude always."

She thanked God, family, teachers and friends. To TCPI and SEDC, she said: "You just don't produce cement to strengthen homes, you build dreams to form an empowered and better community."

Meanwhile, Corpuz said the scholarship grant he got from Taiheiyo since high school gave him the courage "to pursue my dreams, even though it may seem impossible at first."

In being hired by SEDC, he thanked the company "for giving me this opportunity to showcase my strengths, and improve it further."

Speaking on behalf of the others, he told TCPI and SEDC that "your scholarship program is truly a blessing in the community. It helps young minds to face the different challenges in life and make those dreams into a reality."